Professor William Rosenberg 
Liver Diseases Theme Lead, NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Leeds

Professor Rosenberg holds the Peter Scheuer Chair in Liver Diseases at University College London. He is Clinical Lead for Viral Hepatitis at the Royal Free Hampstead and at UCLH. Professor Rosenberg is a translational investigator and clinical trialist in the field of chronic liver disease, focusing on biomarkers of liver fibrosis and the immune response and treatment of viral hepatitis. His work within the DEC is focussed on the application of non-invasive tests for liver fibrosis in the stratification of patients in pathways of care for chronic liver disease. Professor Rosenberg also holds a national role as the Scientific Advisor to the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure. He is a co-author of over 100 scientific publications and his total grant income since 1997 exceeds £30 million.