Working with Industry

The in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry is the 2nd largest UK medical technology sector by employment and 5th by turnover, so it is of fundamental importance to the UK economy.

We collaborate closely with this important industry, including many UK small-medium size enterprises (SMEs) to support, improve and expedite the generation of evidence for the clinical value of their products for the NHS.

The NIHR DEC Leeds can help to facilitate:
  • early stage project planning and feasibility modelling 
  • identification of commercial and non-commercial partners 
  • collaborative & contract research 
  • world class methodologies for IVD assessment 
  • funding opportunities (UK SMEs) 
  • consortia building, with input from clinicians, scientists, patients and commissioners 
  • dissemination of research outputs to commissioners, NICE and Academic Health Science Networks 
  • standardised processes for: 
    • GCP and GCLP 
    • confidentiality agreements 
    • costing templates. 
Our relationships with industry are vital and we seek opportunities to grow our industrial network. If you are interested in learning more about working with NIHR DEC Leeds, please contact us.

Industry feedback

We are keen to receive feedback from our industry partners. If you have recently worked with the NIHR DEC Leeds and would like to feed back on your experience, please fill in the "Industry Feedback Form" below.

Industry Feedback Form